Clinical paradigmatic innovation

The purpose of the diffusion of clinical paradigmatic innovation into the field of masticatory system rehabilitation consists in a change in mental habit that is opposed to a mechanistic and deterministic vision of the pathophysiology of the masticatory system.

This model should be replaced with a stochastic vision and in this sense the paradigmatic clinical innovation will allow matching the current diagnostic model, based on the statistical inference of the symptom, with a dynamic stochastic interpretation of "complex systems" such as the central and peripheral nervous system.

The diffusion of clinical paradigmatic innovation will be explained in the following ways:

  1. To promote and support electromedical technological research aimed at deepening scientific knowledge of the correlation between the trigeminal nervous system and the limbic systems, as well as deepening understanding of basal ganglia, hippocampus, cerebellum etc. in the context of interpreting the biological subject as an integrated complex entity. Correlations are already demonstrated in experimental animal research.
    The segmentation of the masticatory "Complex System" in this way will be easier and more detailed as it allows highlighting pathologies and/or systemic neuromuscular dysfunctions that symptomatologically simulate a primary dental disorder. Differential diagnosis will thus have an essential value in the dental field.
  2. To promote and support the experimental study on the involvement of the trigeminal and masticatory system in patients with neurodegenerative pathologies and in senile dementia.

The dissemination will, therefore, be understood as a transfer of scientific knowledge to citizens, passing through agreements, experimental projects at universities, hospitals and research centers, various other fora and refresher courses. It would also mean online and offline dissemination of the most accredited procedures currently in the field of neurophysiology, in general, and in trigeminal nervous system and masticatory system in particular.

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