Dissemination of knowledge in the field of chewing neurophysiology

Masticationpedia aims to actively contribute to the dissemination, improvement and advancement of knowledge and culture in the field of rehabilitation of the masticatory system by promoting the production, collection and dissemination of free content (Open Content).

It also aims to encourage accessing knowledge and training. In addition to this, it focuses on enhancing the knowledge and awareness of social and philosophical issues concerning the progress of science, such as paradigmatic innovation and the liberal implementation of medical updating.

Free content

"Free content" means, as intended by Masticationpedia, the complex of all works that have been released by their authors with a licence that allows their derivative elaboration and/or free distribution.

Masticationpedia produces and distributes free content according to the terms of the specifically declared licences.

Editorial methods

The spread of knowledge will be promoted mainly through a web platform whose domain is www.masticationpedia.org which contents will be produced only by authors who will have been selected for their verified scientific and clinical contributions. Corrections and placement of articles, therefore, will not be open to everyone (as it happens, for example, in the case of Wikipedia, from which we differ in terms of purposes and product).

The selection of authors for the edition and a review of them will take place through a detailed analysis of the scientific contents produced by each author on verifiable databases (such as, but not limited to, Pubmed, Medline etc.). After verifying the reliability and consistency of the scientific value of these contents, the drafting of a topic, to be included in Masticationpedia, will be proposed to the prospective author. For this reason, a Scientific Community has been set up in Masticationpedia consisting of the Founding Members (doctors / dentists) and honorary members such as researchers and scientists dealing with the subjects under consideration, as well as bioengineers, mathematicians and physicists.

Masticationpedia operates mainly through direct and personal action of its members; however, it may enter into agreements or conventions with any public or private entity or body, companies, or other associations if the need or opportunity arises.

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Masticationpedia is a charity, a not-for-profit organization operating in dentistry medical research, particularly focusing on the field of the neurophysiology of the masticatory system